Saturday, April 16, 2016

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JUST LISTEN  by Lauren Owsiany

Can you feel it?….. 
(i do not own the rights to this)


Behind each dark corner and blind spaces in hidden shadows

these faces emerge watching me along my travels

The company i keep is within me

alone i speak to the trees, the moon and my stones

those which have shown me true colors and none other

i seek love for my sisters and brothers

from the earth and the stars above us

I know its here but we act as though the tone of our skin and the distance between our beliefs

is enough to keep this family spread apart into pieces

I’ve had enough now, you are my equal, people you are my blood

This world is our home together where we must learn to tread lightly and rise above all thats fallen

Whats done is done, we are a tribe, full of colors, shapes, sizes and different minds

So i spend time alone with much food for thought

wishing that i could show you all the rhythm of vision within this dream i have got to get with it

cause right now we are imprisoned by our own fears

subliminal messaging and impulse decision with no comprehension of what you’re backing

Quit acting as though you know the outcome of what has yet to happen

Now we need to stand up and communicate a revolution

a true movement to influence more than just the nation

Now i speak of another level of understanding

that we as people are more than capable of sustainable living

yet we rape the world and pay no mind to the cries of mother nature

why is it we play dumb

so we can place the hate on someone else as long as its not us that takes the blame for what we’ve done. its ok?

hold up wait, i’m confused

who is to say this is our chosen path

our future past or present

when it comes down to the basics of survival its all irrelevant

Only the truth will let the inner light shine on your raw beauty inside, so dont hide it, share it with pride

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions and keep your word as bond

so that we may count on each other once something happens, to figure out whats going wrong

Its not that hard

its just the way we’ve been raised to start us to live as gods

take what we want with no regard

and man its killing me slowly

I’ve gotta constantly remind myself to not take it personally… but i do

You see i gotta raise my son here too

and i want him to grow up in a world without questions about oil and waterwars, genocide and oppression

and you may think that’s far fetched man but that’s what i’m telling you

Here I am, now, manifesting it